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Celebrating Women’s History Month With Some of Our Favorite Podcast Guests

By Sophia Padua | Mar 4, 2022

The team at A.wordsmith spent the first week of Women’s History Month reflecting on how lucky we are to collaborate with such inspiring, influential and genuinely wonderful women every day. Our All Shine, No Flash podcast often serves as a vessel for us to share and elevate many of these women’s stories. In honor of […]

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What in the World is Happening on LinkedIn?

By Ann Smith | Feb 28, 2022

Let me start by saying that I love me some good LinkedIn time. While my husband is burning the midnight oil on TikTok I’m over there scrolling through people’s professional posts on LinkedIn. That being said, what in the world is happening on this platform right now?  I always think of LinkedIn as the professional […]

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January + February Feature Friday Round-Up

By Sophia Padua | Feb 25, 2022

Pictured above: Kamelah (Mimi) Adams, Founder of Mimi’s Fresh Tees Every Friday on our Instagram, we feature different women-owned, BIPOC, or LGBTQ+ Portland-based small businesses. Here’s a roundup of the businesses that we featured in January and February—we hope that you love them as much as we do!   January  Nora’s Kitchen Granola   Nora had been […]

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Your Guide to Creating Fresh Content Ideas that Inspire

By Lisa Hildebrandt | Feb 22, 2022

In today’s digital-first world, consumers are inundated with marketing messages on a diverse array of channels (social media platforms, email, voice and touch technologies, virtual assistants, etc.) from the moment they wake up until the moment they lay down their head at night. These incessant notifications and influencer persuasions – prompting users to sign up […]

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Asking for a Friend: Should I Banish These Phrases From My Lexicon?

By Gretchen Hoffman | Jan 10, 2022

Wait, what? Lake Superior State University recently released its annual “Banished Words List”—the  top 10 misused, overused or useless phrases submitted by people across the world, and the No. 1 offender was a phrase consisting of two four-letter words the university’s judges ruled should never go together, under any circumstances: the exceedingly common “Wait, what?” If […]

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November Feature Friday Round-Up

By Kassidy Naone | Dec 3, 2021

Every Friday on our Instagram, we feature different women-owned, BIPOC or LGBTQ+ Portland-based small businesses. Here are the two amazing businesses we featured throughout the month of November.   Roots Marketplace   Chrisetta Mosley has always had a passion for food. During the course of her career, she started a catering company, gave food demonstrations at local produce […]

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2021: What We Are Grateful For

By A.wordsmith | Nov 22, 2021

This year we realize how grateful we are for the big – and small – things in life! Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Team A.wordsmith!   “I will never take for granted the joy of live music, spring break trips and in-real-life school. Grateful to have all of these back in my life.” Ann […]

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October Feature Friday Round-Up

By Kassidy Naone | Nov 19, 2021

Every Friday on our  Instagram, we feature different women-owned, BIPOC or LGBTQ+ Portland-based small businesses. Here are the five amazing businesses we featured throughout the month of October. (Keep them in mind for your upcoming Small Business Saturday shopping!)  A Yen for Chocolate  When Christina Yen was a young professional working in finance, she had a feeling that corporate life was not […]

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You’ve Hit the One Year Mark: What’s Next?

By Alexes Jones | Nov 1, 2021

The first year of your agency career is a whirlwind. You’re tasked with learning your firm’s operations, understanding its clients and most importantly, mastering those basic but foundational PR skills. It takes months of practice to truly grasp and settle into all of the newness around you. But what happens when you’ve hit that one […]

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The Turning Point: Six Steps to Survive a Corporate Crisis

By Lisa Hildebrandt | Oct 21, 2021

Socioeconomic unrest, the great resignation, and the pandemic have given rise to a pivotal, branding defining time. Now more than ever, an organization’s every action (or inaction) is highly scrutinized, and the critical importance of PR has been magnified. Against this backdrop, PR leaders are called to rethink their crisis communications strategies and guide clients […]

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