Driving Forward in 2024

By Ann Smith | Jan 29, 2024

Hey everybody! Does it feel like Christmas was just yesterday? Well guess what? It’s less than 10 months until the Smith house is covered in decorations again. Crazy, right? Time is a thief and just like that we’re already one month into 2024. New years welcome in fresh starts and renewed energy and as I […]

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5 Ways Hospitality Businesses Can Ace Holiday Season Marketing Campaigns 

By Jessie Levine | Nov 21, 2023

For hospitality businesses including hotels, restaurants, and bars, the holidays can be a particularly stressful time of year. One aspect that doesn’t have to be stressful is developing and executing a holiday season marketing plan. Here we sprinkle a bit of holiday magic and detail five fool-proof ways to ace your hospitality brand’s marketing campaign.  […]

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Tis the Season to Be Grateful

By Lisa Hildebrandt | Nov 10, 2023

“Gratitude can transform common days into Thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” More than any other season, autumn teaches us that change can be beautiful. As the stunning foliage flutters all around, and days become filled with Football, harvest parties, apple orchards, cinnamon scents, and more opportunities to imbibe […]

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Five Reasons to Hire a Boutique Agency 

By Anna Newman | Oct 25, 2023

Sometimes small does equal mighty.   When choosing a PR firm to represent your business, you want a partner that will give you the most bang for your buck, garner real results and treat you like you’re their most important client. While bigger agencies often have the appeal of things like expanded in-house services, integrating […]

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TikTok is More Than a Gen Z Platform  

By Anna Newman | Jul 24, 2023

Over the past several years, TikTok has soared in popularity, generating over 1.6 billion downloads to date and even surpassed Google in 2022 as the world’s most popular web domain. Despite its colossus popularity, TikTok is still often considered to be a Gen Z platform. While TikTok is a Gen Z-dominated platform, it’s far from […]

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Making Your Story Stick in the Summertime

By Ann Smith | Jul 11, 2023

It’s that time of year when the days are long, but the time is oh, so short! We are all eager to maximize the weeks with no school regimes or weather snafus. But despite summer and all of its glory, the show must go on! Clients still have stories to tell and us PR pros […]

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Hungry for More | The James Beard 2023 Media Awards

By Jessie Levine | May 15, 2023

As someone who has spent a healthy slice of their career doing publicity and marketing for restaurants, chefs, and food products, I’ve consumed my fair share of journalism on these topics. There was a reason I was initially called to do this kind of work – a nebulous passion lying somewhere in the cross section […]

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Strong Media Relations Key to Long-term PR Success

By Kyle Mallory | May 9, 2023

Building strong relationships with media is critical to the success of any PR campaign. In today’s competitive media landscape, it’smore important than ever to develop and maintain strong relationships with journalists, editors, and content producers. I started my career in news, working both for a newspaper as well as a local TV station, and it provided a […]

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April Feature Friday Round-Up

By Faith Alcaraz Lackey | Apr 28, 2023

The sun is finally shining in the Rose City and we can’t wait to soak up the long-awaited sun rays. This month has been a great reminder that Summer is coming soon. If you’re looking to find something to explore while enjoying the weather, be sure to check out one of our #FeatureFriday businesses!  Pie […]

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Why Taylor Swift is a PR Mastermind

By Lisa Hildebrandt | Apr 6, 2023

I laid the groundwork, and then just like clockworkThe dominoes cascaded in a lineWhat if I told you I’m a mastermind?And now you’re mineIt was all by design‘Cause I’m a mastermind – Taylor Swift Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely seen the headlines chronicling Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, her recent iHeartRadio Innovator […]

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What Communicators Need to Know About ChatGPT

By Anna Newman | Apr 3, 2023

Let’s explore the AI tool that has captured the attention of the communications industry: ChatGPT. If your LinkedIn feed has looked anything like ours lately, you’re probably already overloaded with information (and have probably established your own opinion) on the latest OpenAI tool. We want to weigh in on the conversation and share what we […]

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March Feature Friday Round-Up

By Anna Newman | Mar 31, 2023

Spring has sprung! With warm weather right around the corner, we’re looking to refresh and renew ourselves. We hope that this month our #featurefridays inspire you to spend time outdoors, reenergize your home and add a little razzle-dazzle to your everyday fashion.   Badge Bomb  We’re shining a spotlight on Badge Bomb! Stickers are a great […]

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