Every Friday on our Instagram, we feature different women-owned, BIPOC, or LGBTQ+ Portland-based small businesses. Here’s a roundup of the businesses that we featured in October — we hope that you love them as much as we do! 

Natalia Eve Art 

Natalia is a local Portland artist. Inspired by femininity, movement and self-expression, Natalia creates beautiful art pieces using watercolor, charcoal, ink and has most recently, oil paint. Visit her page or website to purchase one of her carefully curated art pieces.

Website: nataliaeveart.com

Instagram: @nataliaeveart

Zoma Tonics

Zoma Tonics was created by Tus Henry and represents the intersection of ancient American Indian wisdom with modern knowledge. When his grandmother began struggling with arthritic pain, Tus formulated Mobility Balm, made with whole plant hemp extract, essential oil and natural botanicals. The result was remarkable — she was soon back to doing the activities she loves. In the years that followed, Tus has worked with doctors and mentors to continue refining his product and business.

Website: zomatonics.com

Instagram: @zomatonics

Katie Flack Painted Rocks

Each rock is uniquely designed by Katie, who is a self-taught Mandala artist. Working with tools ranging from paint brushes to toothpicks, she paints her mandalas which are symbolic images often used during meditation.

Website: etsy.com/shop/KatieFlack

Instagram: @katie_flack_painted_rocks


SheeleyCo is an illustrative project created by Portland-based artist Damon Sheeley. An accomplished illustrator with corporate clients, Damon found himself creating in new and different ways during the pandemic. SheeleyCo creations include prints, apparel, stickers and patches that utilize cosmic and spiritual elements to evoke warm, peaceful, nostalgic and imaginative emotions.  

Website: sheeleyco.com

Instagram: @Sheeleyco