2021: What We Are Grateful For

By A.wordsmith | Nov 22, 2021

This year we realize how grateful we are for the big – and small – things in life! Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Team A.wordsmith!   “I will never take for granted the joy of live music, spring break trips and in-real-life school. Grateful to have all of these back in my life.” Ann […]

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Can PR Be Automated?

By A.wordsmith | Jun 21, 2017

As politicians bicker about job growth and immigration, it’s become increasingly clear that the real threat to our current economic and social structure is automation and robotization. In the wake of this realization, workers around the world are asking the question: Will I be replaced by a machine? Can PR Be Automated? In PR, the […]

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Why Learning Another Language Makes You a Better Writer

By A.wordsmith | May 11, 2017

Most of the time, language is effortless. Despite the labyrinth separating the thoughts in my prefrontal cortex from the words in my mouth, I can ramble all day without thinking twice about the process. Language is effortless, that is, until we encounter a new one. In a foreign language, finding the right words suddenly takes work, and we’re forced to […]

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Is Jargon Bad?

By A.wordsmith | Feb 10, 2017

Forward-facing innovators can optimize deliverables by leveraging a holistic view of language. Last weekend I used the word “optimize” while out with friends. My husband nudged me. “You’re using your business jargon in real life again,” he whispered. My work is a nonstop cycle of blogs, articles, brochures, press releases, POVs, web copy and white […]

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How Can PR Combat Fake News?

By A.wordsmith | Dec 6, 2016

On Sunday, December 4, a man carrying an assault rifle walked into a family-friendly pizza shop in Washington D.C. and fired. He was there to “self-investigate” a disgraceful conspiracy theory that accused Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager, John Podesta, of running a child sex slave operation out of the pizzeria. Instigated by a false […]

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What My Public Relations Degree Taught Me

By A.wordsmith | Nov 12, 2016

“What My Public Relations Degree Taught Me” is part two of a mini-series on education and being a millennial in the world of PR, from some of our young professionals at A.wordsmith. Read part one here.   I veered towards PR after five years in the education and nonprofit world. The overlap between development and communications is […]

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 Have you Heard These Clever PR Terms?

By A.wordsmith | Oct 26, 2016

As a word junkie, I’m always excited to uncover a new language resource. I recently stumbled upon Word Spy, a site that indexes clever PR terms and novel or underappreciated words and phrases. It’s unique in that it tracks neologisms that are both useful and usable. As the site describes, “Word Spy…[looks] for fresh words […]

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Thought Leadership the Hard Way

By A.wordsmith | Sep 23, 2016

A lot of PR pros are eager to tell you how easy it is to be a thought leader: “3 Simple Ways to Become a Thought Leader in 15 Minutes or Less,” “How to Become a Thought Leader in a Month or Less,” and “You Can Be A Thought Leader: The Secret To Being Inspiring.” […]

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Business Needs Newspapers Too

By A.wordsmith | Aug 15, 2016

The media’s been buzzing about John Oliver’s recent Last Week Tonight segment on modern journalism. You really ought to watch it yourself (beware a healthy dose of profanity), but the gist is not exactly breaking news: traditional newspapers are in big trouble. Faced with plummeting ad revenue and a public increasingly used to free, 24-hour news, […]

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A.wordsmith Continues to Grow

By A.wordsmith | Jul 21, 2016

June was a big month for A.wordsmith. Last month, A.wordsmith saw a surge in new projects for our copywriting and content development team, as well as expanded marketing, media and publicity demands from established clients.  All told, we shattered a record in terms of client and firm productivity. Since opening in 2009, the agency has […]

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Street Roots, a Portland media outlet making a difference

By A.wordsmith | Jun 15, 2016

Every morning I walk past a man selling newspapers. Every morning, he’s wearing the same worn sneakers, unkempt beard, and woven poncho. The man is homeless, and the paper he’s peddling is Street Roots, a weekly focusing on issues facing the growing number of homeless Portlanders. Street Roots has been a small but dauntless asset […]

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The 3 Classic Communications Strategies That Still Matter Today

By A.wordsmith | Jun 10, 2016

As PR professionals, we spend a lot of time keeping up with The Next Big Thing in communications strategies. For good reason – a Google algorithm or trending hashtag can make or break a campaign in today’s constantly-moving media landscape. In many ways, however, there’s nothing new about our jobs. Humans are communicators, and our […]

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