Vince Vaughn Cameos in Stock Photos for Movie Promo

By Gretchen Hoffman | Mar 4, 2015

When it comes time to update your website, collateral or even a company PowerPoint presentation, you don’t have a lot of options for visuals: You can take your own photos, hire a professional photographer to build you a library of images or you can shop around for stock photography. If you don’t have the skills […]

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With Twitter reach slowing, how do you measure success?

By Gretchen Hoffman | Feb 7, 2015

Twitter came under fire this week for a slowing growth rate, with industry watchers citing concern that lower-than-expected growth numbers released in its earnings report  could put the social networking site  in a vulnerable position a few years down the road. Twitter’s executives, however,  are trying to convince investors that its reach far surpasses the […]

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Girl Scouts Go High Tech

By Gretchen Hoffman | Jan 21, 2015

It’s that time of year: My Facebook feed is slowly but surely starting to fill up with pictures of Girl Scouts and their cookie order forms. But the changes this year go far beyond the addition of a new cookie; for the first time since cookie sales began nearly a century ago, the parent organization […]

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