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Diving into conversation with change makers and go-getters, Ann Smith and her guests inspire listeners who seek more from their professional and personal lives.

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Episode 32: Suzanne Stevens

Editor at the Portland Business Journal

Past Episodes:

Episode 1:
Alexis Davis Smith

CEO & President,
PRecise Communications

Episode 2:
Lucinda Kay

Journalist, Coach 
& Advocate

Episode 3:
Natalie Ruiz

CEO of

Episode 4:
Jessi Duley

Owner & Instructor
at BurnCycle

Episode 5:
Carmen Ripley Wilson

Beanstalk Children's Resale

Episode 6:
Allie Roth

President & Founder,
With Love

Episode 7:
Cameron Whitten

Founder & CEO,
Brown Hope

Episode 8:
Mark Mohammadpour, APR

Founder & Owner,
Chasing the Sun Health Coaching

Episode 9:
Janet Tyler

President & Founder,
True Depth

Episode 10:
Lianne Saffer

Author of
"Please, Don't Send Me Flowers"

Episode 11:
Tim Winner

Principal Consultant at
The Winner Group

Episode 12:
Carrie Bates

Outreach Manager at
Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Episode 13:
Jennifer Ferguson

CEO & Founder of

Episode 14:
Amanda Oborne

President & Executive Director
of Oregon Entrepreneurs Network

Episode 16:
Betsy Call

Founder/Personal Trainer/
Nutrition Coach at FitnessBlyss

Episode 17:
Cyreena Boston Ashby

CEO of Girls Inc.
of the Pacific Northwest

Episode 18:
Kim Biegler

Owner of
Ewethful Fiber Farm & Mill

Episode 19:

Country Music Duo

Episode 20:
Carrie Wynkoop

Owner of Cellar 503

Episode 21:
Ken Boddie

Morning Anchor at KOIN 6

Episode 22:
Suzanne Nance

President & CEO 
of All Classical Portland

Episode 23:
Rachel Brice

Professional Belly Dancer 
and Instructor

Episode 24:
Jackie B Peterson

Advisor & Instructor at Small
Business Development Center

Episode 25:
Neeta Singh

Founder & Owner
of Neeta Naturals

Episode 26:
Alexis Davis Smith, Julie Frisoni and Ann Smith

Founders of PRecise Communications, Frisoni PR and A.wordsmith

Episode 27:
Dean Mundy

Associate Professor,
University of Oregon

Episode 28:
Megan Bigelow

Director, Reliability Engineering, VMWare & Co-founder, 
PDX Women in Tech

Episode 29:
Paul Conti, MD

Psychiatrist, Consultant, Author

Episode 31:
Parker Lee

Global Managing Partner
at Territory Global

“You cannot be afraid to speak up and speak out for what you believe.
You have to have courage, raw courage.”

John Lewis