An organization’s culture is the fundamental element that allows successful teamwork to flourish. A business thrives when support, kindness and courage shape the foundation of the organization. Developing a culture that uplifts everyone’s unique personalities and learning styles is imperative to fostering a positive workplace environment. An encouraging and kind culture strengthens communication and propels innovation.   

Strategies of a successful team involve kindness, communication, positivity, and manifestation. These are all vital elements for a workplace environment. 

Kindness, always

We’re not robots. We’re human and that means we all struggle with days that harbor stress, anxiety and frustration. It’s easy to dwell on those feelings and get stuck in the mud of negativity. Remember to check in with your teammates to see how they’re doing and spread kindness in hopes of shedding negativity. 

Communication is also key, especially in the field of public relations as our minds and schedules are running a million miles an hour trying to keep up with deadlines. We can often become bogged down in the routine of completing numerous daily tasks on our own and forget to ask for help when we need it. A team is there to lean on in times of absolute chaos. 

Virtual, but still connected

It feels as if we’ve been living in a strange dream for a year and a half. The world changed drastically while living in pandemic. We’ve had to shift our norms and face new challenges head on. Transitioning from an in-person team to strictly virtual comes with its own set of challenges in the workplace. Establishing new collaboration tools like a virtual morning check-ins, happy hours or coffee chats with colleagues is vital to the foundation of a successful team. It’s important to cultivate open and honest conversations with your colleagues, and take the time to learn about each individual’s unique communication style and triggers to help you work together most effectively. Business leaders have been forced to enhance communication methods, and as the future of work has shifted to embrace a hybrid workplace, we can leverage the communication tools we’ve developed to increase teamwork productivity.

Encouraging positive culture creates success 

A positive culture in the workplace can improve teamwork and ultimately increase productivity. Positivity also allows for creativity and inspiration to flow throughout the workday, which can lead to new ideas and improved client results. A positive attitude also reduces stress. Late-breaking deadlines and crisis situations that communications professionals face every day can create a ball of anxiety and analysis paralysis. Letting go of tension is vital for productivity.  

The energy you create is the energy you manifest  

With any given situation, the energy you create is the energy that manifests. When we manifest thoughts such as, “I simply don’t have enough time in the day to complete my daily tasks” or “I can’t find the words to write the paper,” we send that specific vibration out into the space that surrounds us, and our mind starts to believe our doubts. When this scenario takes shape, and it often can, take a deep breath, and begin to cultivate the courage to ask your team for help while knowing that you can manifest the energy you need to provide you with efficiency. 

In the midst of difficult challenges and at the end of a long work day, your team is there for support as each individual works to achieve common goals.