When it comes to securing media coverage, traditional and digital media is a great option for most companies to get their message out in front of a large audience. However, if you’re digging into your metrics and finding that your media relations efforts aren’t getting business results, it may be time to consider alternative channels for your message. One great option to consider is podcasts. Though traditional media can have a larger reach, podcasts enable you to personally connect with a highly targeted audience. Here are a few reasons that podcasts may be the best channel for you to reach the right audience.

Podcast listeners are educated, active and influential

56 percent of podcast listeners hold at least a four-year degree and 41 percent make more than $75,000 — they are educated and affluent. 69 percent of listeners have read a newspaper within 30 days of listening to a podcast, making them up-to-date on current events. In addition, 20 percent of podcast listeners are ‘influencers’, meaning they are engaged in three or more public activities, like community organizing, making a speech or running for political office. That’s 3 times higher than average in the adult population of the U.S. Podcast listeners are also 17 percent more likely to follow brands online than the average American.

Bottom line: This audience is loyal and equipped with the power to get your message out, and podcasts offer the opportunity to share your story directly with them.

Podcast listeners already care about your industry

Podcasts are a great option because you can reach a highly targeted audience. Many podcasts hold a niche audience that share a similar interest and are seeking to learn more about it. There is no such thing as ‘scrolling’ or ‘flipping’ through podcasts, like on social media. If a consumer is listening to one, they have labeled it as worthwhile. Weekly podcast listeners spend an average of five hours and seven minutes per week listening to podcasts, and monthly listeners subscribe to an average of six shows.

You can also find a podcast for your industry – no matter what your niche is. Technology? TechStuff explores the people and companies behind the tech world. Management? Manager Tools focuses on helping professionals become more effective managers. Natural healing? Learn True Health interviews holistic health care professionals. Marketing? Social Media Marketing helps businesses understand social media trends and tactics.

So what does this look like in action for your company? Recently, our client TerraFirma was invited to speak on the Parr Lumbar’s Weekend Warriors home improvement podcast, which publishes online and airs on local radio stations across Oregon. The show invites local experts to chat about tip and tricks for home owners. TerraFirma president and owner Ryan Beckley stopped by to talk about signs something’s wrong with your foundation, how to fix it, and how your foundation can affect your home and family’s health.

Greater chance of personalization and action

Due to the ease and mobility of podcasts, they have become part of many people’s daily routines. Serial listening builds a deep relationship between consumer and host — leading to a high level of trust. With a strong relationship, messages read from hosts or guests can come off as ‘advice from a friend’ rather than an ad. On many podcasts, the host discusses their experience or reads a story about a product or service. When brand messages come from a trusted source, it resonates in an authentic way and connects a brand with the host’s personality.

Podcasts are a great way to get an authentic message through to an active, valuable and targeted audience who are influential in their industry. If you’re looking for new ways to reach your audience, it’s likely time to consider podcasts – you may be surprised to find that your customers are already turning in.