Earlier this month a B2B software development company did something brilliant – and it has almost nothing to do with their offerings.  They launched the “It Was Never a Dress” campaign (https://itwasneveradress.com/).  If you haven’t seen this on social (or mainstream) media yet, you’re missing out. Axosoft, a Scottsdale, Arizona software company that focuses on Agile methodology, created the campaign with the mission of empowering women’s voices around the world.  And I must say, it’s effective.

Unleash Your Inner Superhero

The premise of the campaign is the age-old image that appears on the outside of women’s restrooms.  The campaign claims that the triangular shaped cut-out on the woman isn’t actually a dress, but in fact a (red) cape. Because after all, us women are superheroes.  Like I said, brilliant.

Branding the Campaign

Axosoft’s smarts and creativity don’t end there. The company created an entirely separate website for the campaign, which encourages interactivity and input from women around the world.  Women can upload their own personal stories and images of triumph, challenge and empowerment – creating a community of storytelling, comradery, compassion and understanding.

Selling the Hype

And then if you didn’t think it could get any better, there is also a “It Was Never a Dress” store, complete with women’s, men’s and  youth t-shirts – and FREE stickers…all powered by Axosoft, as they should be. The stickers have been such a hit that they are currently on backorder.

In the Spotlight

Press has eaten up the campaign with coverage appearing on CNN, New York Times, TIME, Yahoo! and more.

Axosoft, you deserve all the good mojo and praise coming your way.  I love this campaign and can’t wait for those stickers to get off backorder and arrive in my mailbox. Thank you and well done! #itwasneveradress