As I sat awestruck listening to the poetry flow out of Amanda Gorman’s mouth at the presidential inauguration on January 20, I had one thought coursing through my mind: words matter. She was brilliantly captivating, and when I went to her website I had never been prouder to be aligned with a fellow self-proclaimed “wordsmith.” 

When I stop and consider our role as writers, communicators and counselors in January 2021, it looks quite a bit different than it did a year ago. Publicity that once seemed important can now feel trivial; media outlets are operating leaner than ever; and discovering the stories that truly resonate can be a challenge. However, the flip side to that argument is that there are things that need to be said now more than ever. Technical, medical and engineering advancements must be understood; unique, inspiring and thought-provoking perspectives need to be heard; and lifesaving, social reckoning and game changing organizations (big and small) must be known. And when these communications are crafted, they need to be done so with the clarity, passion and conviction inside an Amanda Gorman poem.

We have leaned on the name “wordsmith” since I started the firm, proudly noting that great words are the basis for all we do for our clients. Writing was always my first love and what led me to study journalism and ultimately pursue a career in public relations where I could use the power of words to influence and convey. I see that as  more important than ever now.  

From thought-ware content to sales and marketing communications, writing for the press or corporate branding, we are getting to the heart of the story and focusing on exactly what our name (and Amanda Gorman) embodies: wordsmithing for impact. Our words, your words, the world’s words – they all matter. Let’s put them to great use in 2021.