Check out this infographic from WebDAM about the importance of visuals in capturing your audience. As you’d expect, all of us are reading a bit less and skimming a bit more, and visual IQs are on the rise faster than other types of intelligence. While I find this a little depressing (I love to read!), I’m excited about the potential for overall improvements in visual communication and design.

Boost your brand’s visual intelligence

Some quick tips on how to improve your brand’s visual communication are included at the bottom of the graphic:

1. Increase your brand’s number of visual touch points
2. Consider your brand across all channels, and plan your brand asset library accordingly
3. Create a library of high-quality, compelling images
4. It’s time (if you haven’t already) to embrace video

Once you’ve digested the below visual, just let me know how I can help your brand improve its visual smarts.

visual intelligence