This should strike a chord with any parent (especially those of you as sleep-deprived as I am). Sometimes I feel like a short walk to the park with my kids becomes an open invitation for “tips and tricks” from well-meaning advisors. I appreciate their intentions, and I’ve gotten pretty good at hanging on to the advice that matters to me and letting the rest slide off, but ad agency McCann saw the opportunity in helping baby products brand Tommee Tippee have a little fun with this common frustration.

In a silly campaign inspiring new parents to “Parent On!” they’ve taken all that confusing, contradictory unsolicited advice and repurposed it into something parents will actually use quite often.

As Eric Silver, Chief Creative Officer of McCann North America states on their site: “Parenting advice is everywhere. It’s hard to escape nowadays, but the truth is parents have always known what to do – from the very beginning. There just weren’t books about it. Tommee Tippee wants all parents to take a deep breath, exhale, and do what they were born to do: Parent On! And maybe have some fun while at it.”

Finding your own parenting path is hard. Advice that works for one kid won’t necessarily work for another. Sometimes laughter is the best way to deal, and Tommee Tippee’s willingness to embrace a little irreverence made for a smart sell in this case.

I think I’ll take their advice and Parent On!