medium_5267464508The term “search engine optimization” can be scary to businesses of any size. With up to 64 percent of website traffic coming from search engines, it’s also critical.

Monday’s article by Forbes’ Jason DeMers highlights the top trends for search engine optimization in 2015. So what’s the biggest take away for your business?

Specialization in technical elements of search engine optimization is fading. Instead, content and social media participation are playing an even bigger role in your company’s presence in search engines. This could mean trouble for companies that aren’t focusing on these kinds of marketing.

“Businesses that continue to focus on SEO without having a strong content plan in place will fail, and will need to shift their focus to the creation and distribution of high-quality content in order to achieve significant search engine visibility,” writes DeMers.

A recent study by Contently shows that 56 percent of companies surveyed admit to content marketing making up only a quarter or less of their 2015 marketing budgets.

There are many benefits to providing content for consumers. Putting a face and interactive personality on your company with the use of social media. Providing thoughtful videos and articles showcasing your employees’ expertise. Creating entertaining multimedia to hook in new clients. These can all help to expand your business.

With the news that content and social media will be a big driver of traffic to your website, your company should feel compelled to get in the content marketing game.

photo credit: MoneyBlogNewz via photopin cc