It’s the most wonderful time of the year for beautiful, festive holiday cards. A team photo or holiday graphic gets the job done, but how do you make a corporate holiday card really stand out? They are very much different from cards and lanyards for conferences. Here are a few examples of amazingly creative holiday cards. Unique approaches and high-quality production make for quite impressive pieces:

Let your logo shine

Does your logo lend itself to creative holiday interpretation? How they figured out how to put this together, I have no idea. But it’s perfection:

Make it useful

Making a beautiful holiday card useful to boot means it will not be tossed in the recycling bin. This DIY christmas tree converts to a handy holiday business card holder:

Play peekaboo

Interactivity is always fun—this card takes inspiration from an advent calendar, using tabs that create a tree shape and reveal cute holiday icons and messages:

Decorate their office…with your brand

Put them to work on something crafty—this beautiful letterpress card incorporates cutouts that piece together into a lovely ornament:

Dazzle them

Special effects! This lenticular card celebrates the transition into the new year, with a clean, clever typographical solution:

Show your appreciation

Show your clients how much you appreciate them. I love this “resolution” that doubles as a “thank you for being awesome” message: “We are resolving to work with more great clients. Thank you for being a great client!” It’s eye-catching, printed in beautiful gold foil, and concise.

While most of these would require substantial budgets, it’s fun to dream big. What’s the most memorable holiday card you’ve received? Wishing you Happy Holidays, and a Creative New Year!