Ghosts, princesses and witches, oh my. ‘Tis the season for playing dress-up and eating too much cheap candy. Our team is reliving some of our favorite Halloween memories and wishing everyone a safe, fun (and warm!) night with your favorite goblins. 


Favorite Halloween tradition: Multiple pumpkin patch visits
Best costume: Ghostbuster (with Stay Puft Marshmallow Man sidekick)
Least favorite trick-or-treat candy: Sugar Daddy
Most memorable prank from your teenage years: I plead the Fifth


Favorite Halloween tradition: Every Halloween my dad makes a giant pot of chili and serves it to all of the neighborhood families who come by their house – it was a great way to bring our community together (and actually eat some real food on Halloween). 
Best costume: This year, my husband and I are going as Jeff Goldblum and a T-Rex. Pretty excited about it. 
Least favorite trick-or-treat candy: Tootsie Rolls – such a disappointment!
Most memorable prank from your teenage years:My family and I were hiking out from the bottom of the Grand Canyon and I hid a bunch of big rocks in my younger brother’s bag. He didn’t notice them until we were halfway up – how could you not notice your pack was heavier??  


Favorite Halloween tradition: I love strolling around the pumpkin patch with hot chocolate in hand, and then coming home to carve them while watching a scary movie marathon.  
Best costume: Khalessi (mother of dragons) from Game of Thrones was my personal favorite costume in recent years, and I did rock a Snow White costume for nearly five years as a child (I was obsessed with princesses). I sadly don’t have photo-evidence of either, so here’s my dog and I as ladybugs. 
Least favorite trick-or-treat candy: Candy corns – I will never understand the appeal. 
Most memorable prank from your teenage years: I was the consummate rule follower as a teen, so admittedly never a great prankster myself, yet one of my friends used to think it was hilarious to run far ahead of me in the corn maze, hide deep in the stalks and then jump out screaming when I walked by. My anxiety has peaked just thinking about it!   


Favorite Halloween tradition: Visiting a haunted house! While in Thespians in high school, I worked each October at a haunted in house in my hometown in the historic Wyoming State Penitentiary. One year I played a zombie/evil nurse in a scene where I got to be loud and spray people with freezing cold water. (photo below!) I have loved haunted houses since!
Best costume: In third grade, I wanted to be a pirate, but all the “girl” costumes were frilly and not the type of pirate I wanted to be. My mom helped make me the “masculine pirate” costume I wanted, eye patch and 5 o’clock shadow drawn on in eyeliner included. 
Least favorite trick-or-treat candy: Candy corn. It’s not candy, it’s not corn, it’s a farce!
Most memorable prank from your teenage years: October always coincided with Homecoming for me in high school, which just upped the pranking and mischief level. One year, a group of my friends and I “egged”/threw yogurt on another friend’s car – which she unfortunately didn’t see until the next morning, after sub-zero temperatures had set in overnight. 


Favorite Halloween tradition: Watching Hocus Pocus and carving pumpkins with friends! 
Best costume: I dressed as the Wendy’s girl in college – unfortunately, they still wouldn’t give me a free frosty! 
Least favorite trick-or-treat candy: Smarties 
Most memorable prank: One year, my younger brother chose to dress as an alien for Halloween (and I dressed as a cow). The night before trick-or-treating took place, I dressed in his alien costume, turned off the lights in his bedroom and scared him so badly that he screamed. While my family is hugely into scaring kids who come to the house for candy, creating dozens of memorable pranks for me over the years, this has always stood out because I managed to scare him with his own costume. 


Favorite Halloween tradition: Growing up so remote we didn’t do trick or treating but the Great Pumpkin always made a visit to our property.  As soon as it got dark my sister and I would head out to our barns and other out-buildings where we’d find treats…and more than a few tricks! It was awesome.  Maybe the Great Pumpkin will visit our new house this year since we’re borderline out in the country!
Best costume: I used to love shopping at Ray’s Ragtime for wigs and one year I bought one plus a gown that made me into a great Farrah Fawcett.
Least favorite trick-or-treat candy: Bazooka gum – I can feel the headache just thinking about it.
Most memorable prank: Running around my hometown with my friends TPing teacher houses and generally getting into trouble. I also remember running straight into a street sign one year in high school that I’m pretty sure resulted in a concussion although we didn’t know what those were back then! 


Favorite Halloween tradition: Carving pumpkins
Best costume: Ewok
Least favorite candy: Crunch bar or Payday
Memorable prank: Doorbell ditching friends when trick-or-treating


Favorite Halloween tradition: Carving pumpkins
Best costume: One of my favorites was when I went with one of my best friends in college as Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World. Party time! Excellent! Can’t find a pic from that night, so tiny witchy me is pictured below (with my ghostly little sister).
Least favorite trick-or-treat candy: Grape-flavored Jolly Ranchers *shudder*
Most memorable prank from your teenage years: Probably when my boyfriend and his friends pranked ME by Crisco-ing my car (that’s exactly what it sounds like—Crisco smeared all over the windows, under the door handles, etc.). I had to clean it all up, and my Dad was furious about the oil stains left on the driveway. He’s over it now…I think.