We held our last “Like a Boss” Coffee Chat of 2019 on Tuesday and it certainly didn’t disappoint. November marks exactly two years since we held the first of these events and it’s been completely energizing to watch the momentum around them grow. Thanks to all of the panelists who have shared their stories and opinions over the years and to our attendees who have made each morning memorable. Our most recent conversation focused on the topic of “Using Your Voice.” Each of our panelists, Bill Righter with BFit Gyms, Dr. Danielle LaSusa and Kate Gaertner of Triple Win Advisory, has a compelling story about how a personal passion was the impetus for professional success. Below are a few of our team’s favorite takeaways.  

Stay tuned for our 2020 “Like a Boss” dates! 


I loved Bill’s reminder about “failing fast” and the power and knowledge that can come from an ill-fated attempt. 


I was really struck by Danielle’s advice to just go out there and do what you want, and that you don’t need permission from anyone. All three of the panelist’s stories really spoke to that point!


I applaud Dr. LaSusa’s courage in taking a traumatic, highly personal and often stigmatized mental health experience and turning it into a passion and purpose that will help so many others on their individual journeys through parenthood. Her candor, humor, and optimism were inspiring.


Making and taking time for self-care. From journaling to yoga, each panelist offered their method to taking a breather. I also enjoyed how Kate took pride in owning her personal needs. It isn’t selfish to voice needs, but rather a reminder that it’s perfectly okay to have them.


One recurring theme was the importance of gratitude – I think it’s always good to keep it top of mind, whether by writing in a journal, as Bill Righter does, or through meditation, which Kate Gaertner practices. “Just take that time to realize that there’s a lot in life to be grateful for,” Gaerter said. 


I loved how each speaker dove into how important it is to recognize failure and learn from it. Being able to pivot – instead of focusing on the failure itself – was key to Bill, Kate and Danielle’s success, and it’s a good reminder to constantly iterate and improve in your work. 


My biggest takeaway is to always be bold, take a stance, fail fast and trust my intuition. I also loved Bill’s guidance to take time each morning to identify three things you’re grateful for and one thing you’re going to do that day to get you closer to your goals. 


I came out of today’s Coffee Chat feeling inspired to do things that spark passion inside of me – don’t question it. Dr. LaSusa saw a gap and having experienced it first-hand, she made strides to help. If she had stopped to question what people would think or if it was okay, she wouldn’t be the entrepreneur she is today.