The team at A.wordsmith spent the first week of Women’s History Month reflecting on how lucky we are to collaborate with such inspiring, influential and genuinely wonderful women every day. Our All Shine, No Flash podcast often serves as a vessel for us to share and elevate many of these women’s stories. In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite episodes for you, just in case you’ve missed them!  

Alexis Davis Smith 

Kicking off our first feature, we have Alexis Davis Smith, CEO and president of PRecise Communications and first ever All Shine, No Flash guest!  

Alexis has over 25 years of experience in the public relations industry, having founded Precise Communications in 2000 after spending seven years with one of the world’s top PR firms. In 2019, she joined a group of independent agency owners to found The Change Agencies—the PR industry’s first national collective of firms to offer inclusive communications services to represent, engage and connect with African American, Asian American, Latinx and LGBTQ+ communities.  

Alexis and Ann delve into the non-negotiables for businesses’ DEI efforts and how to ensure you’re recruiting diverse talent.  

Listen to her podcast episode here: Season 1 Episode 1: Alexis Davis Smith, PRecise Communications  

Jessi Duley 

Jessi Duley is the owner and an instructor at BurnCycle, a full-body, high intensity spinning class located in the Pacific Northwest with the goal of uplifting, encouraging and transforming its members.  

“We set out to change something. Not the world. Not global economics. Not the healthcare system. Your day.” – Jessi Duley  

Jessi and Ann discuss the resilience needed as small business owners in 2020, navigating the challenges of homeschooling with a sense of humor and the power of community during challenging times.  

Listen to her podcast episode here: Season 1, Episode 4: Jessi Duley, BurnCycle   

Lianne Saffer 

Lianne Saffer, author of “Please, Don’t Send Me Flowers”, is a wife, mother, writer, fitness instructor, hair stylist, life coach and advocate for helping people live a truly authentic life.  

“Please, Don’t Send Me Flowers” highlights the highs and lows of life, pairing heavy topics, reflections and lessons learned with vulnerability and well-timed humor. Lianne and Ann cover a range of related topics, from her story of leaving a toxic relationship and surviving breast cancer to finding “big-love” in a same sex relationship—all before she turned 34, Lianne shares what inspires her to write a memoir and why women must be proactive about advocating for themselves, and for their health.  

Listen to her podcast episode here: Season 1 Episode 10: Lianne Saffer, author of “Please, Don’t Send Me Flowers”   

Cyreena Boston Ashby  

Cyreena Boston Ashby is the CEO of Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest. As CEO, Cyreena leads the organization’s efforts to advocate and provide support for youth in the PNW that may be dealing with the effects of the pandemic for years to come, particularly focusing on learning loss.  

Cyreena and Ann discuss how Girls Inc. has evolved to best serve the PNW’s youth during COVID-19, how she found her voice as a leader and why she’s confident in the youngest generation’s future impact on the world.  

Listen to her podcast episode here: Season 1, Episode 17: Cyreena Boston Ashby 

Rachel Brice  

Rachel Brice is a contemporary performer in Tribal Fusion Style Belly Dance based in Portland, Oregon. After working as a cabaret-style belly dancer in Arabic nightclubs for over a decade, she obtained a degree in Dance Ethnology, and then founded the Indigo Belly Dance Company. Rachel has traveled the globe, sharing her talent through classes, tours and retreats.  

Ann and Rachel cover a wide range of topics, from her adventures all over the globe + where she’s preformed (including the Lollapalooza 2003 music festival!). Rachel also shares some of the historical origins of belly dance and its many styles and forms that are celebrated all around the world. You can find more videos of Rachel on her Instagram and her website at  

Listen to her podcast episode here: Season 1, Episode 23: Rachel Brice  

Arlene Lord  

Arlene Lord is the principal designer and founder of Lord Interior Design. Growing up, Arlene’s mom encouraged creativity, and Arlene realized a special affinity for giving things—and spaces a new life.  

“This design thing isn’t something I can stop. It happens in my head and in my heart constantly. I savor the spaces that I find beautiful.” – Arlene Lord  

Ann and Arlene discuss how the pandemic has changed the way that people utilize their living space, the importance of curating home décor that brings you joy and where she got her artistic vision from.  

Listen to her podcast episode here: Season 2, Episode 5: Arlene Lord  

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