Inspiration really is all around us. From the clothes we wear, to the food we eat and the places we work. At our May “Like a Boss” Coffee Chat we pulled back the covers on inspiration: where it lives, how it manifests and how to put it to work for you. Thanks to our three amazing panelists – Celeste Sipes, owner of Radish Underground and Thunderpants USA; Chef Cory Hoekstra, executive chef at Michael Jordan’s Steak House at ilani; and Corinna Gelster-Borgardt, creative director at Metal Toad. Here are a few of our team’s favorite takeaways…


Tips for the Road


Natalie: Chef Cory’s story about how he avoids falling into a rut by staying ahead of it with experimenting and changing things frequently really resonated with me. “I like to try new things, and never want to get to a point where I feel like I’m spinning my wheels. Everything you try probably won’t pan out, but there’s no harm in exploring!”


Addy: Chef Cory’s reminder that some of the best inspiration can come from the least expected place. Shaking things up and seeking out new perspectives can inspire great new ideas.


Kris: I appreciated Corinna’s thoughts around the interconnectedness of inspiration and courage – we are often very open to receiving inspiration, but sometimes less willing to step up and follow through on the creative ideas that come out of that experience. It’s wonderful to feel inspired, but we have to remember to carry it into meaningful and creative action, which takes heart and determination.


Lisa H: I loved Corinna’s mantra that inspiration is fueled by two key ingredients – joy and courage. Ultimately, inspiration comes from feeding your joy, but you have to have the courage to follow through on your vision.


Ann: I appreciated Celeste’s reminder that everyone is scared to try new things. Realize that, accept it and then take a leap of faith. Don’t let fear prevent you from pursuing your passion. (And I’m crossing my fingers for a Street Food Inspired event hosted by Chef Cory!)


Hailey: Corinna’s story about her cross-country move resonated with me. It spoke to breaking out of your comfort zone and the power that can have to inspire you.


Savanna: I liked Chef Cory’s tip on elevating street food to the steakhouse. I feel that this can be applicable for a variety of things. Take a look at what’s working and appealing to people, study it and then use those elements in your own work. I also resonated with Corinna’s advice on taking small steps towards what seems impossible.