Client Description

Glassbox is a digital experience analytics platform that empowers enterprise companies to manage and optimize the entire customer lifecycle on web and mobile. Its unique platform brings together big data, behavioral analytics, tagless capture, customer journey mapping and machine learning to identify the actions customers take on digital touchpoints. Its platform is used around the world by Fortune 500 and top enterprise companies such as Visa, SoFi and Air Canada.

Project Description

Glassbox began implementing new messaging for its platform and needed campaign materials to promote its refreshed positioning. Glassbox partnered with A.wordsmith to develop a content series that strongly elevated the company’s focus on enabling frictionless digital customer journeys.

A.wordsmith collaborated with Glassbox to identify topics and craft a whitepaper, three infographics and six blogs, each designed to educate potential customers about the need for Glassbox’s solution and its unique differentiators. To develop the content, A.wordsmith lead discovery sessions with the Glassbox marketing team and conducted significant secondary research to validate its perspectives and impact on clients with third-party evidence. Copy was carefully crafted to engage four core buying audiences: DevOps, digital analysts, product owners and contact centers. The project was completed within a quick, two-month timeframe.

Key Results

A.wordsmith created 10 pieces of content that enabled Glassbox to showcase the unique value its platform provides, leading to a long-term partnership with the company and additional writing support for its marketing campaigns.

White Paper:

  • Digital Customer Journey Mapping in Today’s World – How to Increase Collaboration and Deliver the Experience Your Customers Want


  • The No. 1 Reason Campaigns Fail and How to Avoid It
  • 3 Prerequisites for Great Digital CX and How to Maximize Them
  • Why These Three Pillars are Critical for Mobile App CX
  • Overcoming Barriers to UX on Mobile Apps
  • Two Questions Product Owners Must Answer to Drive Better CX
  • How AI Transforms Digital Customer Journey Mapping


  • Mind the Gap: Overcoming the Digital CX Gap
  • 3 Must-have Capabilities to Foster Collaboration and Build Frictionless Digital CX
  • Elevating Mobile CX with Customer Journey Mapping