Client Description

Based in Vancouver, Washington, CRU Data Security Group (CDSG) is a leading provider of high-quality data security, data transport and disaster-proof data storage devices for government and military agencies, small and medium sized businesses, the entertainment industry, corporate IT departments, data centers and forensics.

Project Description

CDSG engaged A.wordsmith to design and execute a multi-pronged internal and external communications strategy to support the company’s merger with Digistor, a leading manufacturer of secure solid-state drives and removable storage solutions. Both CDSG and Digistor are well known for their secure data storage systems, and with a combined 50+ years of expertise, the two companies had an opportunity to come together to develop and deliver secure data storage for its shared customer segments. To be successful in communicating this change in a thoughtful way, A.wordsmith met with senior executives, marketing and HR directors to uncover the pertinent details needed to clearly articulate the announcement, while instilling confidence, optimism and positivity in the future direction of the collective companies.

Key strategies included:

  • Developing succinct, transparent, and authentic messaging (detailed talk tracks and FAQs) that clearly articulated the rationale, brand strategy and value of the collective companies coming together to meet the needs of their clients.
  • Creating customized messaging narratives for each audience -- employees, customers, partners, investors, press, constituents, etc. Communications were designed to help these audiences understand the deal’s strategic value, its reason and how it affects them.
  • Identifying and supporting key stakeholders responsible for delivering the message to internal and external audiences. This included facilitating an internal training session to ensure spokespeople from both companies we’re equipped with detailed messaging, guidance and interactive practice sessions needed to be successful.
  • Preemptively controlling the message before news leaked externally to prevent rumors and speculation; having reactive holding statements prepared to ensure a delicate balance between transparency and privacy.
  • Fostering an open, honest dialogue where all employee ideas, questions, emotions, concerns and feedback were valued. This ensured employees felt empowered and co-creators in the process.
  • Introducing news of the deal to key outside audiences through external communications. This included a press release and targeted outreach to local and bay-area business journals, as well as defense, federal government and military vertical publications.

Key Results

Following the internal and external communications strategy execution, CDSG’s executives were able to clearly articulate the business impact and value of the merger, and authentically address inquiries from employees, clients, partners and the community. Perhaps most notably, the firm was able to reassure employees that CDSG’s people-first culture, strategic vision and commitment to data protection was stronger than ever.

Additionally, we secured articles about the merger in key industry and local press, including: