The Matador

Client Description

Located in Oregon, Washington and Idaho, The Matador offers a fresh and unforgettable dining experience for patrons over the age of 21. In 2022, The Matador brought its vibrant culture to the lively Williams District in North Portland, marking its third location in the city. The new 4,500 square-foot restaurant offers 120 seats and is the first Matador restaurant to be based within an apartment complex.  However, like all Matador locations, this one also features scratch-made menus and more than 100 types of tequila and 50 mescals.

The Matador partnered with A.wordsmith to build awareness and interest of its newest location through a grand opening public relations campaign that focused on earned media placements, influencer engagement and special event management.

Project Description

To begin the engagement, A.wordsmith hosted a discovery session with the Matador team to better understand their heritage, brand identity and goals surrounding the opening of their third restaurant in Portland. Based on insights from that discussion, A.wordsmith created a strategic three-month media and influencer plan with the intention of elevating awareness of the new location. Storylines were geared to target food and beverage media, broadcast TV, lifestyle media and Pacific Northwest-based influencers.

Given the local and visual nature of this story, the campaign focused on Portland-based food and drink writers and foodie influencers. A.wordsmith crafted custom pitches for each media target as well as a general grand opening press release detailing the new location, unique experiential details, the menu and unique tequila options.

A.wordsmith built an in-depth list of Portland-area influencers that focus on lifestyle, food and drink content.  A.wordsmith connected personally with each of the identified influencers and invited them to the VIP event at the restaurant.

In addition to outreach, A.wordsmith provided counsel to Matador around the creation of the VIP event for media and influencers, including details related to return-visit vouchers, the inclusion of guests, the use of photography, recommended food and drink options and the most optimal times for media and influencers to attend.

Key Results

With five stories published, including a live broadcast TV appearance, along with dozens of influencers and media members who attended the VIP event, A.wordsmith successfully positioned The Matador North Portland as an exciting, food and drink destination in Portland’s thriving restaurant scene. Each story, influencer post or TV segment had the potential to be seen or viewed by thousands of viewers, readers and followers. By researching and developing narratives, media engagement strategies and growing The Matador’s relationships with local journalists and influencers, A.wordsmith was integral in creating enthusiasm and excitement for new location and setting it up for ongoing success.

Coverage/Influencer/Media Visits

Opportunities in Progress

  • Mark Stock, The Manual
  • Byron Beck, Blogger + heavy influence in the PDX food scene
  • Candace Molatore, Influencer (@hey.candace, 33.2K IG followers, 44.2K followers)
  • Laura Arbo, Influencer (@laura_Elizabeth, 107K IG followers)
  • Jordan Curtis, Influencer (@hoteatscoolfeets, 5.7K IG followers)
  • Neva LaRue, Influencer (@nevefindfood, 5.5K IG followers)
  • Jordan Hughes, Influencer (@highproofpreacher, 62.9K IG followers, 32.2K TikTok followers)
  • Dylan Peterkin, Influencer (@pdxfeast, 15.1K IG followers)
  • Stephanie Krautscheid, Influencer (, 7.5K IG followers)