Client Description

Territory is a global network of consultants, designers and strategists that leverage business design thinking techniques to help leading organizations resolve complex problems, embrace new ways of working, strengthen business resiliency and explore emerging opportunities.

Project Description

Territory engaged A.wordsmith to serve as their outsourced chief marketing officer and define, implement and manage a multi-faceted communications strategy. To be successful in this endeavor, A.wordsmith met with key stakeholders to uncover communications objectives, customer personas, unique differentiators, team structures and visions for the future. Secondly, the firm conducted a comprehensive audit of existing marketing workstreams to identify ways to streamline processes and increase efficiencies. As part of this, A.wordsmith thoroughly analyzed the company’s website, social media platforms, thought-ware and marketing materials (blogs, case studies, newsletters, podcast), and brand playbooks to inform go-forward recommendations. Finally, the firm leveraged insights gleaned to develop an exhaustive communications strategy centered on organic social media management, thought leadership content creation, podcast promotions, partner activations, website refinement and overarching program quality assurance. By capitalizing on industry trends and the expertise of Territory’s team, A.wordsmith further positioned the organization as a leading design thinking consultancy.

Key Results

As Territory strived to reinvigorate its market position, elevate awareness of its service offerings and increase sales, A.wordsmith designed and defined an entirely new strategic communications playbook to help the consultancy succeed. Key results included:

  • Creating guiding themes and messaging designed to be consistent threads throughout all content (social, thought-ware, marketing materials, podcast promotions, website, etc.) to align, strengthen and reinforce the value and impact of Territory.
  • Defining go-forward marketing processes, including proposed contractor roles and responsibilities, intake forms, review and approvals, meeting cadence, etc.
  • Driving engagement with Territory’s audiences on key social media channels (LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo and Medium) by developing and managing an organic strategy that ensured consistency in cadence, aesthetics and content. As part of this, A.wordsmith developed monthly content calendars with proposed themes, captions and recommendations for imagery, artifacts and graphics; engaged in community commentary; and provided monthly reports with data-driven insights detailing post performance and audience engagement stats.
  • Reaching target audiences and raising awareness of Territory’s stakeholders as thought leaders by sharing their perspectives and expertise through weekly blogs. This included guiding the development, reviewing/editing for quality assurance, managing the dissemination strategy and providing final approval of marketing and thought ware content.
  • Identifying C-suite business leaders to appear as guests on the podcast(s), preparing invitations, suggesting interview questions, providing branding suggestions for the new Territory podcast. Creating intro/outro scripts, and promoting podcast episodes via social and other digital channels/content marketing avenues.