NICE is a software solutions company that enables businesses to efficiently operationalize big data. NICE’s three areas of expertise are:  Perfecting Customer Experience, Protecting People & Assets, and Financial Crime Prevention & Compliance. NICE approached A.wordsmith with the goal of working with product managers across multiple divisions to position NICE as the leading expert in its field.

Project Description

A.wordsmith developed and implemented a comprehensive thought leadership plan for NICE. A.wordsmith wrote three e-books, developed webinar training content, updated web copy highlighting product benefits and researched and wrote eight in-depth blog posts, one of which was published in Customer Magazine. Due to the success of the initial projects, NICE has expanded the project workload for A.wordsmith into content development for other departments.

Key Results

  • Producing three e-books featuring case studies and blog content
  • Developed successful webinar content
  • Updated web copy to highlight product benefits

Blog posts

Client Feedback

  • On webinar content: “Fantastic Job! One of the best webinars we’ve had while I’ve been here. In fact, a customer privately messaged that this was their favorite NICE webinar to date. Content was perfect!”