Social Strategy

With iFLY Portland’s Facebook page, we wanted create content that added value to followers beyond promotions and events happening at the tunnel. Working with an onsite iFLY team member, we post ongoing content that targets the interests of iFLY’s key audiences: families, skydiving enthusiasts, and Portland’s athletic community interested in recreation.

Key Results

  • iFLY Portland’s average daily reach on Facebook (through posts, likes, shares, comments, and ads) averages 3,000-6,000 people every day – with some days over 10k.
  • The average reach for posts the month of May 2016 as a percentage of total page likes was 16%. To put this in perspective, the average Facebook page reaches 2.6% – 4.1% of their followers.
  • Despite being just over 3k in likes, one of the smaller iFLY tunnel following on Facebook, iFLY Portland’s engagement numbers are typically in the top 3 of these similar pages.

Thanks to the success of Portland’s Facebook page, we took on an expanded social media partnership with iFLY. To help the Portland, Seattle, Sacramento, and San Francisco Facebook pages tap into their specific local markets, we curate local news and events relevant to iFLY fans. We also help coordinate content from the individual tunnels including more candid photos and videos. As a partner to iFLY’s corporate social media team, we need to understand the overall brand voice while elevating each tunnel’s content for their local audience.