Client Description

Clickx is a digital marketing company that specializes in providing cost-efficient solutions for small and local businesses.

Project Description

A.wordsmith worked closely with Clickx CEO Solomon Thimothy to launch a strategic communications program designed to broaden awareness of his expertise and further position him as a thought leader amongst target customers. The program focused on developing greater awareness of not just Clickx, but also Solomon, in the online marketing industry as well as in specific vertical markets nationally. By emphasizing his innovative thinking and entrepreneurial insight, A.wordsmith secured contributed articles in relevant industry, vertical and business media. Additionally, A.wordsmith secured digital media opportunities that showcased Solomon’s expertise in SEO, social media marketing, small business marketing and effective content management.

Key Results

A.wordsmith successfully exceeded the goals and metrics set for securing media coverage. In less than a year, more than 20 media features came to fruition, driving overall recognition and awareness of both Solomon and his company.