Our Greater Good

With hustle and heart A.wordsmith leads and supports initiatives and organizations that make our community healthier, happier and more inclusive for all.

For that reason, we can’t help ourselves from getting involved with organizations and causes we believe in. To date, these include:

“A.wordsmith has been an excellent pro-bono partner to Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center. We are a small organization and rely heavily on outside expertise. A.wordsmith continually identifies appropriate outlets and keeps the focus on the work we do. Their contacts with various regional and national press has helped get our message out far and wide. In addition, we always receive professional and timely communication from the team.”

Katie Ryan, executive director, Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center


We are a growing local business, and we enjoy working with innovative, successful businesses. We love learning about new practices that propel us to the next level. For that reason we are proud to collaborate with these business resources:

All Shine, No Flash - The Podcast

A.wordsmith has a new podcast! Diving into conversation with change makers and go-getters, Ann Smith and her guests inspire listeners who seek more from their professional and personal lives.

"Like a Boss" Coffee Chats

We know life is busy, and we know the demands are high. We also know the power of coming together, getting motivated, and going out and taking on the day. Our Coffee Chats are designed to be a 60-minute break from the daily grind, a brief snippet of your life to join with fellow leaders, entrepreneurs, young professionals and just overall kick-ass people, in an inspiring setting, and talk about things that make us think, laugh and take positive action. Our Coffee Chats are held in our office and are open to the public. You can see our past events and what's coming next by following the link below. We look forward to having you join us!

Ann wrote a book!

Check out the book 100 Things to Do in Portland, Oregon Before You Die (Second Edition!), by our very own Ann Smith.

“In this second edition of 100 Things to Do in Portland, Oregon Before You Die, we’ve added some of our favorite old haunts as well as a few newly discovered gems. Whether it’s tried-and-true or up-and-coming, we promise if it’s in here, it’s worth your time. We Portlanders love craft beer, bike lanes, and all things vintage. We pride ourselves on being hipsters, foodies, and major league soccer fans. It’s our goal to represent all facets of the city in this book: from the gardens to the shops and the festivals to the bars. If you’re in Portland on vacation, this collection of greatest hits is sure to get you beyond the typical tourist hot spots. If this is home, we challenge you to uncover something in these pages not yet on your Portland bucket list.”

Public Speaking

Ann Smith


As a speaker, Ann is passionate about sharing her authentic insights with an audience. She doesn’t shy away from personal anecdotes to illustrate her perspective. Ann is enthusiastic about speaking on topics related to leadership, employee communication, the impact of storytelling, women in business and creating strong culture. As a panel moderator, she’s adept at engaging each speaker and asking the right questions to extract impactful insights for the audience.
Natalie O'Grady


As a speaker, Natalie is passionate about sharing her unique, actionable insights about social media. She believes in the power of social for good and its ability to make an impact on every business, big or small, and no matter the following. Through tried-and-true examples of content and analytics from social media accounts of her clients in all industries, she ensures that listeners come out feeling prepared to take the reins on their own channels.