ProtoCall Services

Client Description

ProtoCall Services, Inc., is the nation’s leading provider for specialty telephonic behavioral health services. Since their inception in 1992, ProtoCall Services has been on a bold mission to provide timely effective assessment and crisis intervention – because every time the phone rings, it could be the most important call of someone’s life. Today, their unique combination of trusted professionals, superior technology, high-availability infrastructure, and compassionate, seamless, and customized services is setting the industry standard for crisis intervention and stabilization done right.

Project Description

ProtoCall Services engaged A.wordsmith to craft a corporate messaging framework that clarified their identity, guiding principles, brand promise and company values. This was intended to serve as the foundation for all internal and external positioning. To be successful in this endeavor, A.wordsmith met with key stakeholders to uncover their communications objectives and the anchor narratives, emotions, descriptors and services that bring the value of ProtoCall to life. Secondly, the firm conducted a comprehensive industry audit and competitive analysis to identify opportunities for ProtoCall to expand on current issues and trends, debunk the misconceptions associated with mental health, and shine a light on its innovative clinical care model. We then led a series of interviews with senior leaders, clinicians, customers and partners to extract their insights, experiences, successes, and perspectives on the company and its areas of differentiation. A.wordsmith leveraged these conversations to develop a thorough messaging framework and go-forward communications strategy to position the company as a visionary thought leader in behavioral health assessment and intervention.

Key Results

  • Conducted nine separate interviews with senior executives, clinical directors, customers and partners who were telling the ProtoCall story with customers, callers, partners and recruits on a frequent basis. Following these discussions, we curated the best anecdotes and work examples that captured the full breadth of ProtoCall’s value to external and internal audiences.
  • Developed a messaging framework that successfully struck an emotional chord and set the organization apart from other behavioral health consultancies in the market, while reinforcing the impact ProtoCall has on its people, purpose, partners, customers, stakeholders and the communities served.
  • Developed a go-forward communications strategy designed to reinvigorate ProtoCall’s market position, increase client awareness and adoption, and uniquely differentiate itself from other behavioral health assessment and crisis intervention consultancies nationwide. As part of this, we recommended a proactive and multi-faceted communications campaign centered on earned media placements (feature stories, expert source commentary, contributed storytelling and rapid response strategies), internal communications, thought-ware content, speaking, awards, website refinement and social media engagement.