Client Description

NICE is a NASDAQ-listed software company that helps enterprise contact centers deliver better customer experiences by improving employee performance, ensuring compliance, automating tasks and optimizing work. Its spectrum of solutions help companies operationalize analytics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation and other leading technologies. NICE’s Value Realization Services (VRS) team is the change-making arm of the company, providing strategic consulting, software development, managed services, implementation and optimization for NICE’s platforms that unlocks hidden value and helps contact centers realize value for life.

Project Description

The NICE VRS team approached A.wordsmith to develop overarching positioning and messaging and a communications campaign that would help it increase awareness among its target audiences, drive differentiation among competitors and unify messaging around the group’s diverse and high-impact service offerings. To achieve these goals, A.wordsmith led a three-part campaign:

  • Messaging: wordsmith led in-depth discussions with six stakeholders from four of VRS’ service lines to identify key value drivers, top-of-mind topics and areas of confusion that VRS faced. Discoveries were paired with a detailed competitive whitespace analysis that examined the narratives and themes that VRS’ competition used and uncover differentiators.
  • Communications Strategy: wordsmith conducted a client and industry analysis to pinpoint the most critical topics that VRS’ target audiences focus on. This informed the development of a strategic communications strategy to drive home VRS’ messaging and create awareness of the unique value it provides.
  • Content Development: To educate customers and motivate them to seek VRS’ services, A.wordsmith developed a content package that included a whitepaper, an ebook and two blogs.

Key Results

  • Empowered VRS with compelling and engaging messaging for internal and external use, including by its sales teams and in VRS’ marketing materials and website.
  • Successfully launched VRS’ new positioning at NICE’s annual sales kickoff and customer engagement events with powerful narratives and proof points.
  • Drove differentiation through extensive research into competitor positioning + content and media relations strategies. Identified themes, tone, descriptors and narratives that make VRS stand out from the competition and position its services as crucial to solve its customers’ most pressing concerns.
  • Made messaging actionable for future marketing campaigns by developing a year-long strategy and roadmap with specific storylines and content topics.