Mammoth HR

Client Description

Mammoth HR is the Portland-based national leader in technology-enabled HR services, serving over 80,000 small and medium sized businesses nationwide. Through its practice of Collaborative HR, the company partners with employers across the country to rapidly solve their HR issues, build their capabilities, protect their organizations, and transform their workplaces.

Project Description

Since its inception in 2001, Mammoth HR has thrived in the crowded HR arena with its customer-centric and values driven culture, and steadfast commitment to HR excellence. The company is widely recognized as one of the best workplaces in the nation, yet has historically been omitted from larger industry conversations, given they fell into a previously undefined HR services space. Considering their unique juxtaposition of differentiated services and unparalleled expertise, coupled with technological advancements, Mammoth HR was poised to be at the forefront of an entirely new market category, which they coined “Collaborative HR.” To complement this new identity, the company decided to strategically rebrand and unify all of its solutions under one Mammoth HR umbrella, representing a “one team” mentality, and ultimately signaling to the market that the company has upped its ante as a leading contender in the HR services race.

In order to be successful in communicating this change to employees, A.wordsmith designed and executed a multi-pronged internal communications campaign to bolster morale and instill employee confidence in the future of the company. Tactics included:

  • Identifying internal champions responsible for delivering the message to key internal and external audiences
  • Conducting an internal survey with key employee audiences to anticipate the lack of engagement, skepticism and confusion
  • Crafting succinct, consistent, positive and authentic messaging that ignited employee excitement (narrative, talking points, website copy and internal employee emails)
  • Driving interactive practice sessions and brownbag trainings, providing detailed scripts and Q&A documents to help guide and inform the discussion
  • Fostered an open dialogue where all ideas, concerns and questions were valued

Following internal communications effort, A.wordsmith implemented a strategic communications campaign to reinvigorate their brand position, increase consumer awareness and recognition, and ultimately position the company as a thought leader in the HR services arena.

Key Results

Following the 90 day internal communications strategy execution, our client expressed that employees’ level of confidence and enthusiasm around Mammoth’s strategic rebrand and it’s positive impact on the company’s long-term vision and growth strategy had improved exponentially. After a series of internal breakout sessions and trainings (coupled with detailed scripts), Mammoth’s senior leadership was able to better articulate the business impact and value of Collaborative HR to ensure employees understood the overarching benefits to their role, their affiliates, customers and the company at large. Perhaps most notably, employees were able to confidently articulate Collaborative HR’s ability to reimagine, revolutionize and modernize the HR industry, which by extension, sparked positive employee morale and brand advocacy.

Additionally, we effectively demonstrated Mammoth HR as a thought leader and expert source by securing placements in key industry and local press, including:


"The A.wordsmith team was instrumental in helping us with an internal communications rollout for our company’s rebrand and launch of a new market category (Collaborative HR). I was so impressed with how quickly Ann’s team got up to speed after we kicked off the project. From day one, they provided helpful guidance – creating a game plan that fit our unique culture and helping us work through the many aspects of the project, including: an internal survey, creating messaging/talking points for every team, formulating interactive trainings, and being a sounding board for all our questions. The outcome? Employees who were engaged and aligned on our new brand messaging and Collaborative HR market category. Mission accomplished!"


- Jessica Strom, Associate Director of Marketing & Brand, Mammoth HR