BrewGroup is made up of three Portland experiences: BrewCycle, BrewBarge, and Back Pedal Brewing. BrewCycle launched in 2012, with BrewBarge and the brewery following soon after in 2014 and 2015. Combining Portland’s bike-friendly nature and love of craft breweries, the experiences attract tourists and locals alike.

Project Description

BrewGroup approached A.wordsmith in early 2017 for help managing their vast social media presence and taking it to the next level. Their social media campaign involves 2 Facebook pages, 3 Instagram accounts, and 3 Twitter pages. This makes for a complex, detailed plan each month to manage different, but overlapping audiences. A.wordsmith’s goal is to create 3 distinct, but related, Portland-centric voices. A.wordsmith managed the monthly plan and day-to-day content and feedback in conjunction with the team at BrewGroup, and monitored for utilize user- generated content.

Key Results

  • Facebook engagement rose 39%, and reach was up 15%.
  • One Facebook page saw a 125% increase in Page Actions/clickthroughs
  • Twitter engagement is up to 1.5%
  • BrewBarge’s followers on Twitter nearly doubled in 1 month
  • One of June’s Instagram posts on BrewCycle is the post with the 2nd highest number of impressions of all time for that account