PORTLAND, Ore. (July 10, 2018) — A.wordsmith, a boutique communications firm specializing in thought leadership public relations, has increased their office space following steady growth of the business. A.wordsmith recently placed 54th on the list of 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Portland by the Portland Business Journal after seeing an 87.33 percent growth rate since 2015.

“Our office expansion is a sign of the firm’s continued success and growth,” said Ann Smith, president and founder of A.wordsmith. “Our hardworking team is excited to continue providing top notch service to our clients and we’re looking forward to a productive remainder of 2018 in our larger space.”

The office expansion increased A.wordsmith’s current space on the second floor of the Bullier Building on SW Washington Street in downtown Portland.


A.wordsmith is a boutique communications firm specializing in thought leadership public relations. The firm’s core areas of expertise are media relations, writing, corporate positioning, social media and design. Strategically designed and delivered, A.wordsmith’s brand of PR is a uniquely powerful tool. It challenges. It differentiates. It starts relationships and enhances existing ones. And it drives sales with high-value customers like nothing else. Clients of A.wordsmith include TerraFirma, ProKarma, Propeller, Levy Restaurants, OVO and IDL Worldwide.

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