With Love

Client Description

With Love is a Portland-based nonprofit dedicated to supporting foster families by providing safe, clean and quality clothing and supplies to children younger than six years old.

Project Description

With Love first engaged with A.wordsmith with the goal of refining the organization’s overall messaging and positioning. A.wordsmith elevated its PR efforts to position Allie Roth, founder and president of With Love, as a thought leader, helping to build awareness of not just With Love but the greater foster care community across Oregon. To achieve this goal, A.wordsmith employed a strategic, proactive communications program centered around media relations and award opportunities. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic presented unique challenges for foster care families, prompting A.wordsmith to re-strategize and develop new storylines to ensure critically important information and resources were being shared through the ongoing media effort.

Key Results

Through a multi-faceted thought leadership campaign, A.wordsmith successfully increased the public’s understanding of Oregon’s foster care system and positioned Allie as a go-to expert source for families and media alike. A.wordsmith introduced Allie to all key broadcast and print press contacts throughout the Portland area, generating a continual flow of media coverage for With Love. As a result, volunteers, donors and families have increased levels of engagement with With Love, allowing the organization to grow and serve a rising number of foster families in the region.