Like many around the world, I am looking forward to the World Cup, which is set to take place throughout Brazil in less than two months. However, there have been rumors that Brazil will not be ready in time for such a big event including reports that the stadium in San Paolo, which is slated to hold the opening game on June 12, is still unfinished. In addition, officials have warned that construction will not be complete on several new airport terminals. There are predictions of situations similar to the Sochi Olympics, where unfinished hotels and roads caused problems for fans and athletes.

World Cup Facepalm


Fifa World Cup facepalm brazil

image via Gizmodo

And it doesn’t help that the recently released World Cup 2014 logo is being criticized on Twitter for looking like a “facepalm.” Meant to represent three hands forming into the World Cup trophy, the logo more resembles a palm to the face in embarrassment or shame. And although there have been much criticism of major event logos in the past, this World Cup facepalm has gone viral as to many it seems to foreshadow more problems at this year’s event.