5 Classic Storytelling Elements for Content That Converts

By Kelda Rericha


When thought leadership content is done right it is a uniquely powerful tool. It challenges. It differentiates. It starts relationships and enhances existing ones. And it drives sales with high-value customers like no other.

Here’s why: Customers, particularly those in the B2B space seeking premium services like PR, are increasingly demanding education and advice as part of the sales experience. They see through the bright and shiny marketing speak. They want proof.

Real thought leadership is that proof. And when it’s done right, thought leadership monetizes that proof with content that converts prospects into paying clients.

Thought leadership content should be as enjoyable and compelling as a fairy tale. “Little Red Riding Hood” taught us not to talk to strangers. “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” taught us to tell the truth. And “Rapunzel” taught us to think outside the box. There were morals to these stories, life lessons to be instilled, but getting there was fun.

Finding your own thought leadership story starts with the moral. What is the story that will best demonstrate your credibility, experience and divergent thinking? Tell that one.