UV Health

Client Description

UV Health Group created the SafeAirUV™ system, a next-generation UV-C air cleaning system, using the strongest wavelength of UV-C light that has been tested and certified by an infectious disease lab and proven to inactivate 99.9996% of airborne viruses, significantly reducing the risk of spreading virus droplets from person to person.  

Project Description

UV Health Group engaged A.wordsmith to increase awareness of its brand and the SafeAirUV™ system, Confidence LED lighting line and Assurance SafeAirUV™ system fixtures. To achieve this goal, A.wordsmith met with UV Health leadership to discuss product lines, launch goals, customers, third-party data, timing and targets. A.wordsmith then conducted a comprehensive audit of current messaging as it relates to UV lighting and COVID-19. Based on learnings gleaned, A.wordsmith crafted a proactive approach centered on media relations that elevated UV Health Group’s market presence, clarified confusion around UV-C technology and positioned UV Health President Steve Daniel and Executive Vice President Paul Salzinger as industry thought leaders. A.wordsmith crafted a targeted product launch PR strategy that tapped into new timely narratives that differentiated UV Health in an ever-crowding and time-sensitive marketplace.   

Key Results

A.wordsmith was proud to announce the SafeAirUV system to the general public in mid 2021. Earned media coverage was secured in outlets ranging from Portland radio to national print features. These stories have the potential to reach millions of readers and listeners across all platforms and outlets.