ProKarma, Inc

Client Description

ProKarma is a global services company that helps organizations build the vision and tools to run the future. With expertise in strategy, technology and operations, ProKarma delivers design-engineered solutions that escalate growth for the world’s largest companies.

Project Description

Since January 2014, A.wordsmith has partnered with ProKarma to define its voice and create the content that brings the brand to life. In 2017, following a company rebrand centered on showcasing business value rather than technical capabilities, A.wordsmith drafted 40 new case studies for ProKarma. The case studies showcased the company’s expertise in creating business value for clients in its target industries, including rail, health care, energy and transportation.

A.wordsmith developed perspective articles that examined key trends in technology and offered insight into their impact on ProKarma’s target industries. Topics included blockchain, conversational user interface, quantum computing, autonomous intelligence and smart contracts.

Both the 300-500 word case studies and the 700-1,000 word perspective articles were developed without discovery interviews and were based on research completed by A.wordsmith, drawing from the team’s knowledge of the company — empowering ProKarma to meet a tight deadline for its rebrand launch.

ProKarma has also relied on A.wordsmith for content and design support on a variety of internal and client-facing marketing materials, including data sheets, white papers, digital and email assets, corporate meeting branding, event signage, internal administrative documents, and trade show assets.




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