Client Description

Healthsparq helps their clients to make smarter healthcare choices by partnering with health plans to share cost and quality information about doctors, hospitals, medical services and medications. Using insights gleaned from conducting continuous usability testing, turning consumer research into product innovations, hosting industry panels and listening to patient stories to create solutions to help consumers understand and navigate the healthcare system better than ever before.  

Project Description

Healthsparq is committed to being a voice for smarter, better healthcare. With new mandates for price transparency for health plans, Healthsparq wanted to help its customers understand the updated rules and go beyond mere compliance to make healthcare better. Healthsparq partnered with A.wordsmith to develop content that strongly elevated the company’s focus on enabling frictionless customer journeys.  

A.wordsmith collaborated with Healthsparq to identify topics and craft four white papers and four blogs, each designed to distill information in a way that was accessible to its audience. To develop the content, A.wordsmith led discovery sessions with the Healthsparq marketing team and conducted significant research to validate its perspectives and impact on clients with third-party evidence. Copy was carefully crafted to ensure accessibility amongst all audiences.  

Key Results

A.wordsmith created 8 pieces of content that enabled Healthsparq to engage consumers and ensure accessibility and an easy understanding of updated mandates.  

White Papers:  

  • Understanding the Transparency in Coverage Mandate  
  • How Health Plans and Health Systems Can Collaborate to Benefit Members  
  • A Provider Like Me: Research of Preferences, Care Selection and Bias in Healthcare  
  • 2021 Annual Consumer Sentiment Benchmark