Concorde Career College

Client Description

Concorde Career College provides hands-on, affordable and specialized healthcare training and degree programs for students looking to get started in their career, as well as seasoned healthcare workers who are shifting focus areas. Based in Kansas, Concorde has 16 campuses across eight states – each with their own individual demographics, challenges and opportunities.

Project Description

A.wordsmith provided strategic public relations counsel, tactical execution and thought leadership support to multiple Concorde Career College campuses across the country—including  Aurora, Kansas City, Portland and Southaven, Miss. Our program focused on recruiting students, as well as increasing awareness and strengthening relationships among potential employers. Concorde was especially interested in reaching its target audiences through local media, special events and grassroots networking. A.wordsmith developed a strategic public relations program that focused heavily on local media opportunities, including human interest stories, campus/program news, health care industry podcasts, community involvement and campus leadership angles. Media in the markets we supported featured student stories, faculty profiles and community partnerships.  Whether Concorde was hosting an event for World AIDS Day, donating time and services to a local non-profit, or providing health services to local sports teams, the school was committed to giving back to the community – and as their communications partner we were continually looking for ways to promote these opportunities through media exposure.