Rabbit Pelt Ad Draws Controversy, Pizzeria Tries to Save Skin

By Mary Gorretta | Apr 18, 2014

  Just in time for Easter, the New Zealand pizza chain Hell Pizza created a controversial billboard advertising its newest pizza topping, smoked rabbit, by covering the billboard with real rabbit pelts and the tagline: “Rabbit Pizza. Made from real rabbit. Like this billboard.” As you can imagine, it received quite a bit of criticism […]

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Frozen Foods Using PR To Save Their Bacon

By Ann Smith | Apr 13, 2014

A new campaign to defend the nutritional reputation Good news frozen pizzas, peas and other frost-bitten foods, you are about to get an image makeover! It has been confirmed by the American Frozen Food Institute the industry is in the final stages of preparing for a multilayer, multimillion dollar public relations campaign to defend the nutritional reputation of […]

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Can Your Predict Which of Your Messages Will Go Viral?

By Ann Smith | Apr 9, 2014

The Harvard Business Review wrote this week about a recent psychological study that found we can successfully predict which messages will go viral and which won’t. The key to this success, according to the report, lies within the brain of the sender. In short, the more the author of the message values the message itself, the […]

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Don't Forget to Tweet Your Vegetables

By Ann Smith | Mar 13, 2014

Anyone with an account on FaceBook,  Instagram and the like has been assailed by food porn – what seems like never-ending images of  elegantly plated bacon-wrapped shrimp or a sky-high stack of pancakes drizzled with whipped cream and caramel. Like its more salacious cousin, you know it when you see it. Food porn is found […]

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I'm not bossy. I'm the boss.

By Kelda Rericha | Mar 10, 2014

Yet again, Beyonce is awesome. And so is Condoleezza Rice, Jennifer Garner and a handful of other female and male celebrities contributing to the Ban Bossy campaign, a partnership between the Lean In and Girl Scouts organizations, which launched today. As the mother of two boys (soon to be three) I’ve always felt very comfortable […]

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The Power of the Telephone

By Ann Smith | Mar 2, 2014

Picking up the phone In today’s world, we use a variety of outlets to communicate with others and voice our opinion. From emailing, texting, tweeting, posting, pinning, sharing and liking, the ability to communicate is near limitless. The one thing most people have moved away from is using the telephone. Dial tone, number pad and […]

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Anonymity and Temporality in Social Media Marketing

By Ann Smith | Feb 25, 2014

There has been a lot of chatter in the news recently about social network for sharing secrets, such as Whisper (Celebrity gossip! Lawsuit filed!) and Snapchat (Another big brand opens up an account!). These platforms, however, bear little resemblance to Facebook and Twitter, on which so many organizations have focused their social media marketing efforts […]

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Grant Leaves Grammys Early–A Media Sin?

By Ann Smith | Jan 30, 2014

Christian music star Natalie Grant caused a media stir Sunday night when she left the Grammys early. Grant never cited the particular reason she left on, but media outlets were keen to guess. Many suspected it had to do with several risqué performances including Jay-Z and Beyonce’s sexy “Drunk in Love” duet, and Katy Perry’s “satanic” […]

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The Growth of Social Media in 2013

By Ann Smith | Dec 18, 2013

Social media continues to make leaps and bounds in how we communicate with one another. This is crucial to the world of public relations, as it is one of the leading avenues used to reach target audiences. 2013 was the year Twitter made it onto the stock exchange, Vine launches and Snapchat continued to break […]

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Six Tips for Social Media in 2014

By Ann Smith | Dec 10, 2013

In the interest of year-end list-making, let’s talk social for a second. It’s not going anywhere. Whether or not you’re avidly updating and tweeting in your off-time, social media is an established tool in the marketing and communications field. So how is your company using it? Consider these options and best practices as you embrace […]

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The End of Dave's Killer Bread as We Know It?

By Ann Smith | Nov 19, 2013

If you live in the Northwest and you aren’t on the gluten-free bandwagon, you’ve probably tried (and loved) Dave’s Killer Bread. GMO-free, organic, vegan and made with whole grains, it boasts everything that health-conscious Oregonians could ask for. Beyond tasty bread, the company’s message centers on the feel-good story of an ex-con that cleaned up […]

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Giving Tuesday 2013

By Kris Travis | Nov 5, 2013

Halloween is barely behind us, and already the Christmas ads and holiday displays are popping up everywhere. While few of us are feeling truly ready for the holidays, it’s a consideration that is already top of mind for businesses; there are client appreciation gifts to pull together, holiday cards to design and print, and employee […]

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